Bhagyalaxmi Industries (BLI) is a professionally managed ISO 9001 accredited company, with a global customer base for the supply of intricate plastic components and moulds, meeting the stringent specifications laid down by the White goods, Automobile, Electronics, Furniture and other engineering industry.


The hallmark of any company can be judged by its commitments to its customers. BLI has established its commitment to its customers, over the last two decades, by maintaining world class quality, and deliveries that were always on-time with out an exception. All these BLI could achieve because of its fully integrated manufacturing facility that include a top notch engineering team to design the highly complex mould tools, a state-of-the-art tool room to manufacture the intricate moulds and a mould shop consisting of a wide range of fully automatic injection moulding machines both vertical and horizontal.




BLI’s quality policy is based on one single factor-Customer Satisfaction. BLI achieves this by maintaining consistent quality and on-time delivery, at a price that the competition can only envy. To ensure that the quality objectives are met on a day-to-day basis, the quality system is designed to assure the quality at all stages-incoming, on-line and out going.


BLI’s professional management team ensures that every activity is planned to maintain on-time delivery, and the best manufacturing practices are followed to minimize waste and rejection, which keeps the over all costs low.


BLI’s pride is its engineering team. The design and engineering team of BLI is comparable to the best anywhere in the world. It can develop the product either from samples or from well documented concept. BLI today exports, not only plastic components, mould bases, moulds & press tools, but also design services that include product and mould designs.


BLI’s manufacturing facility is an extension of the customer’s shop floor. BLI is a trusted name in the industry, if the work includes design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and delivery to your distribution network.